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Hi Friends!

I'm Deven, the founder of Casa Shrooms.

I was born in India and raised in Nigeria and having my roots planted in both, I was exposed to many natural herbs & remedies growing up. I always had a curiosity to the natural, plant-based world and was blessed to be exposed to the wonders of Mother Nature at a very young age. I obtained a business degree in Boston and later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. I worked with some top Michelin Star restaurants and then decided to open my own restaurant in the south of Spain where I transitioned into a deeper appreciation of truffles and gourmet mushrooms while in the culinary world. It wasn't until I moved to Canada that I discovered the fascinating world of functional mushrooms and all its benefits!

Always being health conscious, I began to do further research into functional mushrooms. At the same time I started testing out some of the products personally, and the results in all honestly, changed my life! I began to have more energy & focus, and even became less stressed in life. It helped with some of my depression that I didn't even know or was willing to admit to at that time. It also helped tremendously with maintaining my insulin levels; a major problem that runs in my family. And of course, one little other thing - I stopped falling sick! Absolute GAME CHANGER!!!

I truly believe everything starts from our gut and functional mushrooms play a huge role in boosting overall immunity and maintaining an optimal balance within our body. Please join me in this journey of sharing and enjoying the beautiful world of functional mushrooms with Casa Shrooms, where we believe -

Founder@ Casa Shrooms




At Casa Shrooms, we have an unwavering commitment to revolutionize well-being through the extraordinary potential of our premium quality functional mushroom products.

Our mission is to simply promote holistic well-being and to be a trusted and integral part of our community's journey towards overall health and wellness.


In the heart of our philosophy lies an unyielding commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity.

Transparency is the cornerstone of Casa Shrooms. We believe in open communication by empowering our customers with knowledge about our processes and the unparalleled benefits of our mushrooms. Through this transparency we aim to build trust and create a connection that goes beyond a transaction.

Casa Shrooms is not just a company; it is a movement.
Embrace the Casa Shrooms experience where passion meets purpose, and well-being becomes a transformative celebration of life.

Your body is your only home!
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High-Quality Products

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CANADIAN MARINE COLLAGEN - Default Title $78 48901487755552
CHAGA CHAI TEA - Default Title $28 48901470388512
CHAGA CHAMOMILE TEA - Default Title $28 48901450989856
CHAGA EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901354619168
CHAGA MUSHROOM COFFEE BLEND - Default Title $28 48901355766048
CHAGA PEPPERMINT TEA - Default Title $28 48901457412384
CLEANSE & DETOX BUNDLE (for Gut Health) - Default Title $225 47587446784288
CORDYCEPS CAPSULES - Default Title $42 48901346099488
CORDYCEPS EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901352554784
DAILY RITUAL BUNDLE - Default Title $175 47595301667104
DAILY-5 BLEND CAPSULES - Default Title $42 48901348917536
DAILY-5 BLEND CHOCOLATE - Default Title $12 48901482545440
DAILY-5 BLEND EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901350490400
ENERGIZE & REVITALIZE BUNDLE - Default Title $100 47587419029792
LION'S MANE CAPSULES - Default Title $42 48900631626016
LION'S MANE CHOCOLATE - Default Title $12 48901474779424
LION'S MANE EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901349802272
LION'S MANE MUSHROOM COFFEE BLEND - Default Title $28 48901355962656
ORGANIC LIQUID PROBIOTICS - Default Title $54 48901499978016
REISHI CHOCOLATE - Default Title $12 48901477433632
REISHI EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901352980768
RELAX & CHILL BUNDLE - Default Title $125 47587435086112
THE ULTIMATE FAMILY BUNDLE (from our Casa to Yours) - Default Title $325 47587454877984
TURKEY TAIL CAPSULES - Default Title $42 48901345640736
TURKEY TAIL EXTRACT POWDER - Default Title $38 48901351637280
ULTIMATE GREENS - Default Title $78 48901496897824